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How many seats should I add to the subscription?
How many seats should I add to the subscription?
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Each additional seat allows you to add one more licensed team member. It adds legal protection for you and your clients. We appreciate your support for creator rights.

By default, you are allowed to have only one licensed user accessing the Streamline app and copy/download the vector assets.

By "licensed users" we mean employees who get access to all assets as vectors and have access to the Streamline app premium features (like changing color).

These employees can be part of the company, or of an external agency that works on your projects.

These licensed users can prepare a selection (up to 100 icons, or up to 50 illustrations), forwarded to other employees.

Other employees using this icon/illustrations selection, like developers or designers, are not considered as licensed users, so there are no limitations on their number.

Consequently, you should subscribe for as many seats as you would have users in your team using the app and accessing the vectors and premium features.

For example, if you have a team of 5 designers using the Streamline app, you should pay for 5 seats.

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