Choose from our Premium, 3.0, Free, or One-time Purchase licenses, each with unique features and benefits.

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Maximize your experience with flexible subscription plans - monthly or annual. Explore subscription features and select the plan that suits your budget and needs.

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Add more user/seats

This section provides instructions on increasing your user/seats and managing your team.

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Streamline for Education

Our Streamline Education Program provides free access to our premium assets for students and educators.

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Download/Copy files

Get tips and best practices for successful file transfers from various sources in this section.

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This section highlights our web app's features for creating, editing, and sharing content, and may include customization options and integrations with other tools.

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Streamline your workflow with integrated plugins and tools.

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Icons and Illustrations

Discover the world of icons and illustrations in design and learn to use them effectively. This section includes articles on icon and illustration design.

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Streamline Policies

Explore the policies and best practices we follow at Streamline to ensure a smooth and productive workflow.

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Affiliate Program

Learn about the Streamline Affiliate Program, its terms and conditions, and how to become an affiliate member.

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Discover discounts for students, teachers, and non-profit organizations, as well as purchasing power parity and applicable discount codes.

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Bug Bounty Progam

Report security vulnerabilities and bugs you've found in our system, and earn rewards through our Bug Bounty program

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