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How to use Streamline in Adobe XD?
How to use Streamline in Adobe XD?
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1. Set CSS as 'currentColor' before exporting SVGs.

  • Simply change the setting from RGB to CSS using the color picker.

  • After doing this, when you copy or download SVGs they will have currentColor.

  • To set the currentColor to every asset at once, use the global color editor.

2. Copy/Download as SVG or export multiple as a zip file.

  • Press Command/Ctrl + Click on the icon/illustration to add this to your selection. Once you have selected all the assets, you need they will be compressed into one ZIP file for you to download.

3. Change Fill Color in XD.

  • To change fill color in XD, please follow the steps below.

4. Change Stroke Width in XD.

5. Global / Individual Search

  • You can now search across all sets at once using our Global Search feature.

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