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Streamline subscriptions currently accept credit and debit cards as long as these are enabled for online payments.

If you are concerned about making payments to Streamline in USD, you can enter any card from your country and your bank will automatically convert the currency at the current rate.

We accept cards from any countries as long as it’s a type of card Stripe can accept and the payment is in one of the 135+ currencies they support. You can find the list of supported currencies here, and the list of accepted cards here.

If currency conversion is required, there will be an additional fee of +1%. To learn more on how Stripes handles conversions, please check here.

Please see our example below:

An Indian user paid in US dollars using the INR bank account and the total cost usually comes out to be the same as if the company had offered pricing in INR. This means, on your bank statement, you can see that INR is debited but your invoice will be in USD.


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