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Creating an attribution link
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All our icons, illustrations, emojis, and elements are free to download and use straight away as low-resolution PNGs. All you need to do is add a link back to the Streamline website.

1. Generally, use this model for the attribution link:

2. More specific cases depending on the following medium:

🌐 Web applications and websites:

Include a link to our website on all pages where our icons are used (you may place it in your footer). If space is limited, you can put the link on a Credits or About page.

πŸ“± Desktop and Mobile Apps

Add the proper credit in the "About" or "Credits" page.

πŸ“– Other contents, like books, videos, images, T-shirts, Word, Excel, PDF

Add the link anywhere in the document or product. If promoting online, include Free icons from Streamline or Free illustrations from Streamline in the description.

Use a standard approach to link to Streamline from every page that features our assets and avoid adding a 'no-follow' attribute.

No attribution or backlink is required if you upgrade to our premium plans.


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