What can be achieved with our collections feature?

1. Save favorite assets into folders on the go.

2. Create organized collections in the cloud.

3. Share folders and collaborate faster.

4. Multi-select and download anytime.

5. Save at once to multiple projects.

Who can create collections?

All logged in users can create their own collections.

Is there a limit on how many collections can be created?

No. 😊

How do I add to a new collection?

Hover on an image until you see the folder icon. Click on the folder icon and choose the collection you want to add it to.

What can collections include?

A collection can include icons, illustrations and emoji. Think of them as project folders that you save to and share.

How can I collaborate with collections?

Everyone who has a user seat can add/remove assets from a collection. You can also share collections publicly on the internet. Non-logged in users will be able to download low-res pngs for premium assets and svgs for free vector sets.

How can I personalize my collection?

  • You can customize colors and resize via the sidebar.

How can I export my collection?

You can also multi-select and download them as a zip file (if you'd still like to).

To multi select, press hold down CTRL on Windows and CMD on Mac and select all assets you'd like. Resize and download in the format you'd like to.

How to remove from collections?

Inside your collections, click the red folder icon to remove an asset.

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