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Streamline for Education Special License
Streamline for Education Special License
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Streamline for Education license grants students and educators free access to Streamline premium assets for non-commercial use only, including building portfolio projects, personal projects, working on class assignments, or preparing classroom educational material. The assets cannot be used for commercial projects, such as projects for paying clients or companies that they are employed with.

What is the requirement?

As a condition of using the assets, you are required to attribute Streamline for your portfolio projects or classroom projects. You are encouraged to publish online on Dribbble, Behance, Instagram, Twitter, and your personal website. Please tag us or link to us when you do so. If you publish offline, please add plain text crediting us.

For Students:

  • Students can build their portfolio projects (e.g. websites, apps), personal projects, student assignments, and class projects using Streamline.

  • Students cannot use Streamline assets for commercial projects (e.g. website for a paying client project at a company, they are working for).

  • Students have to attribute to Streamline either by adding a link to our website when they publish their portfolio / personal projects online (e.g. Dribbble, Behance, personal website). If there is no technical ability to add a link, then just use a plain text ( e.g. Icons from Streamline for Education Program).

For Educators:

  • Educators can use Streamline for faculty development workshops and create teaching material.

  • Educators must encourage students to use these icons either in class assignments or elsewhere.

  • Educators should share access to Streamline with all students via email or any other form of communication.

Why should I attribute?

By linking to us, you are helping young talent discover Streamline's Education program. So, if a student visits your portfolio, please make it easy for them to discover us.

We only ask for attribution after you have used our assets in your personal/classroom projects and experienced their value. If you didn't use our assets in your projects, you don't have to attribute. If you have, we encourage you to help other students by sharing Streamline's Education program.

How should I link to Streamline?

To properly attribute Streamline's icons, use the following model for the attribution link: "Vectors icons and illustrations from Streamline."

Ensure that the link is visible and readable as a hyperlink text and links to :

🌐 For web applications and websites, it is recommended to include the attribution link on a dedicated credits or about page. Alternatively, the link can be included on the project description page.

In the case that adding a link is not allowed or feasible, you can include a plain text acknowledgment stating that the icons are from Streamline Education Program.

Can I use for commercial projects?

If you would like to use our assets in commercial projects, you can purchase a premium subscription at and view the full details of our premium license here.

Feedback is a gift. How can we improve?

Is there a way we can improve this license to better suit your needs? Please email [email protected] directly or use the chat bubble at the bottom of this page.

We’d love to hear from you. πŸ’š

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